Air Gestures Recognition SDK
for iOS and Android

What is it?

A gesture recognition library, using the front camera, for iOS and Android, detects 4 swipe gestures,
1 hand-wave,
it's fast, lightweight and efficient, good with low light and complex backgrounds, easy to use, just a few lines of code.



Wave-o-rama is a photo album app for iPad and iPhone, in the iOS App Store:

Powered by Nanogest


The API documentation for Nanogest is available online for iOS and Android.

Technical specifications

  • Swipe gestures: left, right, up, down
  • Hand-wave gesture
  • Detection range: 2in - 3ft
  • Most environments (from a dark kitchen to the inside a moving car)
  • Robust background filtering
  • Not sensitive to skin tones
  • Uses only 25% of total CPU for both camera processing and gesture detection
  • Library is a 60 kB binary on iOS/armv7 and needs 1.5 MB of RAM
  • All iOS devices with a front camera, running iOS 4+ (iPhone since iPhone 4, iPad and iPad mini since iPad 2, iPod Touch since 4th generation)
  • All Android devices with a front camera, running 2.3.3+
  • Support for other platforms (e.g. Windows 8) and custom embedded systems is available, please contact us


Please contact us for details:

Academic research license

If you are a researcher or a student in an academic institution, we can give you access to the Nanogest SDK under a non-commercial research license, at no cost. Please contact us for details:

Nanogest for Android OEMs

Nanogest for Android is a product for OEMs to add support for gesture controls directly in the Android operating system. Nanogest for Android adds touch-free gestures to the following system applications:

Gesture controls are configurable by the user in the Settings menu.

We support all smartphones with a front-facing camera, 1 GHz CPU (arm, mips, x86), 5MB of free RAM, and Android 4.0+.

Please contact us for more informations