Air Gestures Recognition SDK
for iOS and Android

What is it?


A selection of the Nanogest-enabled applications available on the iOS and Android app stores:


Download Wave-o-rama for iOS from the App Store.

Wave-o-rama is a photo album app for iPad and iPhone, in the iOS App Store.

Powered by Nanogest


The full API documentation for Nanogest is available online for iOS and Android.

Technical specifications


Please contact us for details:

Academic research license

If you are a researcher or a student in an academic institution, we can give you access to the Nanogest SDK under a non-commercial research license, at no cost. Please contact us for details:

Nanogest for Android OEMs

Nanogest for Android is a product for OEMs to add support for gesture controls directly in the Android operating system. Nanogest for Android adds touch-free gestures to the following system applications:

Gesture controls are configurable by the user in the Settings menu.

We support all smartphones with a front-facing camera, 1 GHz CPU (arm, mips, x86), 5MB of free RAM, and Android 4.0+.

Please contact us for more informations